Verified testimonials from global clients


Read verified testimonials from some of Tim's clients and hear their experience and results from working with him to improve the performance of their marketing teams.

Our marketing team was transitioning to a new way of working, and Tim's advice, guidance, and expertise were extremely valuable to help us navigate this challenging transition.

We've already seen a dramatic improvement, and this new process will allow us to be more strategic, streamlined, and effective with our marketing.

Tim's perspectives and insights were timely and pragmatic, and I highly recommend him as a trustworthy and reliable advisor and consultant.

Brad Hintze
Executive Vice President, Marketing at Crestron Electronics

Tim was amazing to collaborate with on the design and development of our internal digital marketing training program. He played an instrumental role in assessing our teams, developing a customized program, and helping to facilitate a dozen sessions to more than 100 teammates across the globe.

The training program has been a huge success and exceeded our expectations, not only in the transfer of knowledge and skills development but also in the resulting conversations that have taken place as a result.

Any marketing team would benefit tremendously from Tim’s expertise and I’m excited to continue to find other opportunities to partner with him.

Karla Attanasio
Global Marketing Director at Radio Systems Corporation

With Tim’s help, our digital team has successful adopted and begun implementing a test and learn approach that has resulted in dramatic increases in conversion rates, reduced acquisition costs, and incremental revenue gains.

Tim has been invaluable in helping our team embrace experimentation and establish a process that is effective, comprehensive, and scalable. Engaging with Tim allowed us to accomplish this much faster and with a greater degree of confidence.

Tim is not only one of the best consultants I've ever worked but his ability to truly partner with our teams made the working relationships feel more like he was a part of our actual team. I fully recommend him to any marketing team that wants to improve their performance.

Ryan Anderson
Global Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Radio Systems Corporation

Over the past 2 years of working together, Tim has repeatedly demonstrated himself to be responsive, reliable and professional. Our team has learned a lot from his vast knowledge and experience in marketing.

Tim has helped us to improve the performance of our marketing in several areas, including a 31% increase in conversions for one of the first campaigns we worked on together.

In addition, having Tim as a sounding board and trusted advisor has been invaluable and I highly recommend him to anyone needing the same.

Staci Brinkman
CEO, Sips by

Tim has an uncanny ability to take complicated project concepts and turn them into a reality. With Tim’s assistance and overall performance and deliverance on projects, we have been able to cut down project development time close to 30%.

We have worked with Tim on a number of projects and each of these have exceeded our expectations. Tim is truly a talented individual and we look forward to building our business relationship with him.

Jim Foley
Development Lead, ZeusDesign

I have worked with Tim for years on several different accounts. He has performed over and above what was asked. Tim has been amazing in understanding our needs. He is an amazing person to work with. I would trust Tim with any project I had.

Doug Leppard
CTO, 2Cast Media Group

I have nothing but positive things to say when it comes to working with Tim Parkin. From the first conversation we had, I have felt as though my project was his most important priority.

When it comes to going “above and beyond”, I have never met someone who is so committed to making sure that things are completed as they say they will be and when they will be.

I would highly recommend his work to anyone in need of his services and would love to personally speak with anyone who would like to hear it directly from me.

Drew Sheahan
CEO, Virtual Fleet Supervisor

Tim Parkin is highly skilled and a true professional. He is able to visualize “big picture” end results, which makes everything much easier, as he can take full ownership over nearly any aspect of a project and bring it to fruition. We look forward to working with Tim on future projects and highly recommend him.

Michael Bubbo
CEO, ADS National

Tim’s guidance and expertise has been evident and extremely valuable to us. Having the ability to get our questions answered quickly and receiving insightful advice, we feel confident in recommending Tim Parkin to others.

Lee Murray
Principal, Harvard Murray Group

We were impressed with Tim’s quick delivery and thorough feedback, which was very helpful. We could not be more delighted with the smooth and seamless process involved.

Tim continues to prove his vast knowledge and expertise and we highly recommend his services to anyone needing the same.

Bill Harris
CEO, TradeWeb, Inc.

It is a pleasure to work with Tim. He is very quick to reply to all of our requests and delivers on time. He always helps us find our way through problems we may have, even if we create them ourselves. He is very patient in teaching us and providing information. We highly recommend him.

Wayne Blackmon
Head of Marketing, Wilderness North