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As a leading expert in customer acquisition and retention with more than 10 years of experience in consumer behavior and conversion rate optimization, Tim Parkin helps his clients add millions of dollars to their bottom line every year.
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Your Business Is Losing Customers (and Sales!) Every Single Day...
...Here's What You Need To Do To Fix It And Start Getting More Customers, Sales and Revenue!
Competition in e-commerce is growing at an astronomical rate – and by 2021, it is expected to surpass $4.5 trillion. This is great news for e-commerce businesses, but with this explosive growth rate comes competition.

Standing out in a sea of competitors is hard work, and if you’re like most e-commerce businesses you have likely placed a heavy focus on online advertising through channels such as Facebook Ads. 

So why aren’t you getting the amazing results everyone else is?

Simply put, everyone is advertising, and it’s easy to get lost in an already-noisy online sphere where internet users are subjected to a constant barrage of marketing messages – what’s another business in the mix?

Successful marketing starts with a focus on your customers, people with whom you already have a relationship, and those who visit your site. Your online store may get tens of thousands of visitors a month…

…and only convert 2% of them! 

Now, imagine boosting that rate so that even casual, on-the-fence visitors end up making a purchase.

You already have enough traffic, you just need to optimize your store so that it converts more visitors into paying customers.

If you do this properly, you can start increasing sales and revenue right immediately!

It starts with leveraging the huge amount of data you already have at your disposal to understand your customers and visitors at a deep level. You need answers to questions such as:

What are your customers buying and how are they making the purchase?
What bottlenecks are preventing people from buying and making you miss out on sales?
How do visitors find, use and navigate around your online store - and are they finding what they're looking for?

Understanding your customers and how they think and act is key to the success of your business.

By optimizing your store and aligning its design, navigation and functionality with your customer's mindset you'll be able to engage and drive consumer interaction, which will enable you to achieve the thing that your business needs most to grow: increased sales and revenues.

And if you're spending any money on online advertising...

Increasing your online store's conversion rate will also result in making your advertising dramatically more effective, increasing sales and achieving record high results from the same budget.

It’s a win-win strategy, and it’s one that you can start using today!

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