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Typical Client Results

Tim Parkin provides consulting and advisory for global brands and award-winning agencies across a wide range of industries. He helps his clients to maximize their marketing, increase performance and achieve dramatic growth in record time.

Here are some of the typical results clients experience and benefit from by engaging with Tim:


  • Increased sales, revenue and top-line growth
  • Dramatically improved margins
  • Increased profit and profitability
  • Reduced wasted spend
  • Optimal use of marketing and advertising budgets
  • Improved ROI and effectiveness of marketing and advertising
  • Development and execution of clear and effective strategy
  • Strengthened position in marketplace
  • Enhanced brand perception and reputation
  • Increased reach, awareness and visibility in the market


  • Enhanced understanding of customer needs, desires and issues
  • Improved customer experience and engagement
  • Optimized customer journey and lifecycle
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased average order value and lifetime value
  • Decreased cost of customer acquisition
  • Significantly reduced churn and increased retention


  • Improved productivity and efficiency of team
  • Greater confidence in performance of team
  • Development of streamlined processes that deliver consistent results
  • Improved accuracy, reliability and success of projects and campaigns
  • Created a data-driven and test-driven culture
  • Increased speed and effectiveness of output
  • Equipped team with best-in-class tools, techniques and tactics
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication
Tim has helped us to improve the performance of our marketing in several areas, including a 31% increase in conversions for one of the first campaigns we worked on together.
Staci Brinkman, CEO, Sips by
Tim has an uncanny ability to take complicated project concepts and turn them into a reality. With Tim’s assistance we have been able to cut down project development time close to 30%.
Jim Foley, ZeusDesign
We could not be more delighted with the smooth and seamless process involved. Tim continues to prove his vast knowledge and expertise and we highly recommend his services to anyone needing the same.
Bill Harris, CEO, TradeWeb, Inc.

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