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The Worst Thing You Can Do In Marketing

The Worst Thing You Can Do In Marketing
Tim Parkin

Is your marketing team following best practices?

I hope not.

Marketers love best practices. But they’re a trap. A distraction. An effort in futility.

One of the worst things you can do in marketing is worry about “best practice.”

Here’s why...

Best practices result in conformity—coalescing to the status quo.

In other words, best practices don’t raise your performance to the top; they make you average.

They’re a short-term fix to help you feel like you’re doing the right thing...

But they impede your results and inhibit your growth.

There’s a faster, easier, and more reliable way to increase performance.

If you want breakthrough results…

  • You have to think differently and explore new opportunities.
  • You have to be bold and brave and unafraid of failure.
  • You have to run experiments and try new things

Breakthrough results come from a focus on optimization, not on best practices.

Best practices are here today, gone tomorrow because marketing changes every day (and sometimes faster).

Stop copying your competitors and start embracing optimization to experiment and innovate.

The best marketers understand the process and power of optimization: analyzing results, identifying opportunities, and running controlled experiments to discover new and different ways to increase performance.

If you’re not optimizing then you’re missing out on leads, customers, and revenue.

I’ve taught my clients how to use a marketing optimization process to double leads, quadruple conversion rates, and increase revenue by millions of dollars—all within a few month’s time.

If you want dramatic results, ignoring best practices is actually best.

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