What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy is the understanding and strategic use of digital assets, initiatives, and capabilities to achieve business objectives within an organization.

At a broad level, digital strategy encompasses many domains, including:

  • Communications
  • Data & Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding
  • Mobile
  • Online Marketing

Digital Strategy allows an organization to connect these different disciplines and form an overarching strategy that dictates how they will be used to maximize the effort of the organization and accomplish the business objectives outlined by the organization.

In most organizations, these different disciplines are either lacking, poorly managed, or completely absent. By developing a digital strategy organizations are able to quickly and efficiently raise the performance and impact of the organization by identifying and strengthening the necessary components that are key to their unique digital strategy.

Digital Strategy Depends on Objectives

While digital strategy often involves technology and IT (due to the focus on digital), it is wholly separate from IT. Whereas IT is concerned with the technical implementation, digital strategy is focused on how to accomplish business outcomes through the use of digital initiatives.

The word strategy implies that this is a strategic effort and requires the involvement of management in addition to decisions that often involve narrowing the focus of the organization in order to achieve maximum impact.

Before developing a digital strategy, an organization must have one or more business objectives – outcomes that they desire to achieve. Without such objectives, there is no clear goal for a strategy to be built towards. These outcomes are often related to performance improvement, becoming more data-driven, increasing awareness and visibility, and other objectives which affect the organization as a whole.

As with any strategy, it is unique to your organization – you can’t borrow a strategy or use the same strategy across different organizations. Each organization has unique strengths, capabilities, and resources which means that the digital strategy for your organization will be entirely unique and specific to your organization.