3 Keys to Understanding Digital Strategy

To understand the importance of digital strategy and the reason your organization needs to be concerned with creating one, you must first understand three key points about digital strategy.

Digital Strategy is Unique

The uniqueness of a strategy is what makes it effective. Your digital strategy is, by design, different from that of any other organization.

You can’t copy or borrow a digital strategy – it has to be created specifically for your organization in order to leverage the strengths, capabilities, and resources that are unique to your organization.

Digital Strategy is Manageable

Manageable means: “able to be managed, controlled, or accomplished without great difficulty.”

This is entirely true of developing a digital strategy for your organization. Not only is it possible – and doable without great difficulty – it will also make your organization better and the process of management much easier.

Without a digital strategy, your organization has many distinct disciplines all taking place at the same time – marketing initiatives, user data being collected, website changes, targeted emails being sent – the list goes on and on.

Without a digital strategy, there is limited visibility into each of these efforts and you have no idea how they are helping reach your objectives together.

By having a digital strategy, your organization can be aligned, having every effort and initiative work in tandem towards accomplishing the goals of your organization – whether it’s improving performance, reaching more people, or becoming a more data-driven organization.

It is paramount to understand that creating a digital strategy is manageable, and attainable, and doing so will make your organization, teams, and projects all perform dramatically better.

Digital Strategy is Essential

In order to succeed, your organization must do the right things while avoiding everything else.

Having a long-term digital strategy gives your organization clarity about where and how to proceed in order to actualize the full potential of your organization. By being strategic and connecting your organization you are able maximize the impact you can have.

As Peter Drucker has said, “Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things”. It is not enough to do things well – it is imperative to choose the right things to focus on. Having a clear digital strategy in place allows your organization to work smarter, not harder.