4 Steps to Designing an Effective Business Dashboard

Using a business dashboard is a useful way to measure and improve your business with real-time insight. But before creating an effective business dashboard you need to design it carefully. These 4 steps will help you design an effective business dashboard that is useful and valuable for your business. Anyone can put a bunch of numbers,

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3 Types of People Every Successful Nonprofit Must Have

Running a successful nonprofit is a challenging task that takes the talent and effort of many different types of people. There are 3 types of people that every successful nonprofit must have. Without each of these your organization will struggle to survive and reach its full potential. Givers The most obvious and essential type is

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92% of Nonprofit Statistics Are Useless

In the nonprofit world, there are a lot of statistics. They can be alarming, interesting, and even puzzling – but there is no shortage of them.

 Here are just a few: “The open rate for nonprofit emails is between about 15% and 17.5%, with appeals at the low end and advocacy and other emails garnering

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What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy is the understanding and strategic use of digital assets, initiatives, and capabilities to achieve business objectives within an organization. At a broad level, digital strategy encompasses many domains, including: Communications Data & Analytics Social Media Email Marketing Branding Mobile Online Marketing Digital Strategy allows an organization to connect these different disciplines and form

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3 Keys to Understanding Digital Strategy

To understand the importance of digital strategy and the reason your organization needs to be concerned with creating one, you must first understand three key points about digital strategy. Digital Strategy is Unique The uniqueness of a strategy is what makes it effective. Your digital strategy is, by design, different from that of any other

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