3 Types of People Every Successful Nonprofit Must Have

Running a successful nonprofit is a challenging task that takes the talent and effort of many different types of people. There are 3 types of people that every successful nonprofit must have. Without each of these your organization will struggle to survive and reach its full potential. Givers The most obvious and essential type is

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Why Do Your Donors Stop Giving? Here’s How to Find Out

You have a lot of donors and every one matters. But eventually some donors, no matter how loyal they once were, stop giving. Have you ever wondered why? Wouldn’t it be important to know why, so that you can keep them active for as long as possible? Understanding why donors stop giving is paramount to increasing

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Here’s Why August is Critical For Your Non-Profit

As we cross the halfway point of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on the first half and ensure plans for the rest of the year are in place. As it happens, it’s also a critical time for nonprofits. According to a study by Google, “There is a 30% increase in donation-related searches

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