5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog

“We don’t have time for a blog.”

“What could we possibly write about on a blog?”

“Blogging requires a full-time writer which we don’t have.”

Perhaps you’ve considered starting a blog for your non-profit organization before but faced some of these common objections to doing so. Blogging can be extremely beneficial to your organization and is much easier to handle than it seems from the outset.

In fact, the act of blogging consistently can actually improve your staff’s productivity, communication, and visibility within your organization. In addition, there are many more benefits to having a blog for your organization – here are few which are worth considering:

You Can Communicate More Effectively

Blogging is an excellent way to passively communicate with your constituents and connect with them. It’s less direct than an email newsletter, deeper than social media, and more real-time than your website.

Great Communication = Frequency x Clarity

The keys to excellent communication are frequency and clarity. The more often you communicate with your constituency and the clearer you are on your mission, values, and impact the better you can resonate with them. Blogging a couple of times a week is an easy way to informally communicate more frequently with people who want to learn more about your organization.

Additionally, if you struggle to come up with content for your newsletters, or would like to send newsletters more frequently, having a blog with content to pull from makes doing so effortless. The same applies for social media – you can post and share your blogs across your networks, when relevant and appropriate.

You Will Get More Traffic (And Donors)

Every blog post you create is another opportunity for people to find out about your organization and mission. Search engines like websites that have more pages and more content.

Having a blog, and blogging consistently, makes your website favorable among search engines and provides more opportunities for your organization to show up in search results. Therefore, the more often you blog the more likely you are to see an increase in organic visitors to your organization’s website. Blog about it and they will come.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now”

Of course, if you start blogging today you won’t magically appear on the first page of Google overnight. It takes time and requires consistency to build up a volume of blog posts to get noticed by the search engines. But the aforementioned proverb rings true – the second best time to start a blog is now, so what are you waiting for?

Everyone Gets to Participate

Blogging isn’t just for the marketing department or for those who are “writers”. Everyone in your organization can and should contribute to the blog from the Executive Director to the part-time volunteers. Not only does this bring different voices and perspectives, it also helps provide variety to the topics on your blog which will attract a wider audience of readers.

Anyone in your organization can write blog posts about almost anything – their responsibilities, a current or recent engagement with a donor, the projects they’re working on, what they love most about your organization, etc. There is no limit to the types of content people within your organization can create that others would love to read about!

Furthermore, there are no rules with blogging so you can post whatever you like on your blog no matter how playful or serious it is, long or short, graphical or not. The more people from your organization who participate the easier it is to maintain momentum and provide a diverse set of perspectives and voices to your readers.

You Can Engage Better With Your Audience

Blogging isn’t a one-dimensional activity – people can comment on your posts and engage in a conversation and they can also share your posts with others through email or on social media.

Eliciting comments on your blog posts is a great way to engage your readers and connect more closely with them. Want to get feedback from your constituents? Ask for feedback or post a survey to your blog. Wondering if there would be enough interest to host an event in the near future? Post the details on your blog and ask for comments from those who are interested.

In addition to engaging with your readers, your blog posts can also be shared via email or on social media. This is a really effective way to increase the visibility of your organization. When someone else shares your organization you are leveraging their trust and credibility – instead of your own – which is far more powerful than talking about yourself. The key to having your readers share your blog posts is to write powerful, meaningful stories that resonate with your constituency.

Blogging Creates Accountability, Inside and Out

Being accountable, especially for a non-profit, is important and by blogging about the actions your organization is taking, the challenges it faces, and the results being achieved you keep your organization accountable to the readers of your blog. In addition, readers will continually be reminded about your mission, why it’s important, and the steps you’re taking to solve big problems.

This accountability also extends inward by keeping your staff accountable for their responsibilities, the projects they’re working on, and their actions within your organization. By including them in the blog and having them participate you can ensure that they are actively engaged, understand your mission, and are continually involved in keeping the organization moving forward.

It’s Time to Start a Blog For Your Organization

If your organization doesn’t have a blog, it’s time to seriously consider starting one. It’s easier than you think and, with a little effort and discipline, it can be significantly beneficial to your organization.

(If your non-profit already has a blog, let me know in the comments below so that I can check it out!)